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Arsenal v Spurs Game last weekend (Electric!)

Rudely awoken to alarm bells at seven o clock as had to open the shop for 8 for a ridiculously early 1230 KO.

Trade started briskly with a beautiful Bergkamp black current shirt sold to two very happy lads and lots of very cold people needing hats and scarfs. Gotta love the cold weather !

Met a fan from Turkmenistan wherever that is and did an interview for Bn sports television whoever they are- All in a day's work. Lots of people popping in the shop and and asking nervous what do you think the score will be type questions. Looking at the spuds recent form didn't inspire much confidence. Would be happy for draw in current circumstances.

After a hectic morning I trundled to my seat in the north back. When I got in the atmosphere was electric. No Highbury library today. More Highbury barn at closing time. It was wet it was raucous it was wonderful ! Makes a welcome change !

Spurs had a few decent Chances but the game turned when

Mike Dein called shirt pulling and awarded a free kick.

'Twas Beautiful free kick by Ozil which connected to Mustafis head. Boom 1-0 to the Arsenal. The crowd went mental.

Not too long after an Assist from Laca to Sanchez who controlled it well and bundled it in and boom it's 2-0.! Alexis is back !

The crowd goes even more mental.

Lots of nice play followed.

Great defending from Mustafi

Great attacking football from Alexis

And an amazing save from Cech that kept us in a clean sheet.

The drissle falling over the Emirates did little to dampen the enthusiasm of the fans who I'm sure went on to paint north London red. As it rightly should be !

Great performance from the team and an electric atmosphere at the stadium. Why can't it always be like that?

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